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The Future of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Seeing the Future by Knowing the Past Keynote by Michael Lang

The sudden and sweeping changes in the nature of mediation practices as a consequence of the pandemic have unsettled us and our clients. In response, we retooled our methods, relying almost exclusively on virtual sessions. There is speculation that mediation practice may be forever altered.

As we adapt, as we pay greater attention to technology, we must look to our roots for guidance. Unless we do so, we risk that the quality of interpersonal engagement may diminish as we pay less attention to the interaction and focus more on the technology and on the outcome. Our challenge is to find ways to harness the technology and its benefits, without abandoning what has worked so well. The task for us is honoring our roots as we adapt and adjust to the new circumstances.

Michael Lang has more than forty years’ experience as a practitioner, educator, author and advocate for mediation. He is the founding Director of the Master of Arts Program in Conflict Resolution at Antioch University, served as editor of Mediation Quarterly, and has held leadership positions in conflict resolution organizations.

Social Justice Mediation through the Eyes of Law Enforcement Keynote by Keith Bell

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the social reckoning amplified in the pandemic, what is the role/opportunity for mediation?

Twenty-four-year veteran Nebraska State Trooper/Community Officer, Keith Bell personally knows what it means to meet people where they are and to offer an opportunity to engage more constructively. As an African American law enforcement officer, he mediates conflict creatively and intentionally—especially now in the new age of social justice.

In this presentation, Keith will illuminate the concept of equity not as a zero-sum game, dive into the philosophy of ‘I’m for me, not against you.’…while engaging the importance of Communication, The Decency of Self-Doubt, and the opportunity for Finding Commonality. Mediators will walk away with critical skills and approaches to think through social justice mediation through the eyes of law enforcement.

Where Do We Go From Here? A Panel of ADR Practitioners Panel Facilitation by Kelly Gering

The pandemic changed the modalities that mediators use to practice and the ways we engage clients. Suddenly, conflict engagement happened exclusively over Zoom or telephonically. And now that vaccinations have become more widespread and restrictions have lessened, some practitioners are returning to in-person sessions and others are not.

Meet three family mediators who will address the ethics, concerns, and lessons learned as they engage in a variety of ways to meet the needs of their clients…while also remaining curious and asking the question as to how our field has changed indelibly in light of the pandemic.

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